Tuesday, March 09, 2004

sorry, there's not a pic with this quiz but it was so funny anyway i had to put it up.

Hiei LOVES YOU! just like he once did me...but i
left him to go with Mukuro. Anyways, Hiei would
DEFINATELY GO OUT WITH YOU! He wants to go out
again...check out date 2, which will be made
later. Plz rate my quiz!

Date with Hiei 1!
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Monday, March 08, 2004

my babble 4/8/04- wow. two days in a row...
oh yeah. all the freshies and sophmores have to do the csap testing and cuz i'm a senior and i laugh repetitivly in their little freshie and sophmore faces. like so: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! IN THEIR FACES! there. he he and i dont have to go to school for any more than 30 minuets for the next 3 days!!! he heh ehehehehehehhehehhhqACH! EH EH ACH! *cough*ahem. sorry. got a little carried away there for a moment. sooooooooo... hehe i have a new friend! another one... and hopefully they wont go dissapearing again. that sucked. *snif* i miss him. i don't know where the hell he went to! one day he was there... and the next he was not! his e-mail still works, but no replies do i get! and he is never ont the internet any more so i can't talk to him on im which is sad cuz i miss my friend!!!!!! and i miss Lu-Lu too... i miss people. *sadness* he he. i made a new quiz which will be comming soon to a blog near you (this one) and it should be up in the next week or so. give or take... whatever. i will go find the silly piggie and shove him off my grandmothers
table now. bye.
Angst. You are an angel of angst. Once one of
water. But your depression has caused you to
become an outcast. You love to be by yourself,
as it helps you think. You have always, and
always will wonder what has gone wrong. Your
soul has been shattered, and your wings are in
peices. But that's just you. You spend your
days searching for something. Not someone.
Though you don't know what you are looking for.
You don't even remember who you are. And are
always trying to find that person, yourself,
your soul. Which seems to have been misplaced.

But. When you find what you are looking for, it
will become clear. All tragedy will be ripped
from your wings, and your true colours will
show. And then, you are the most powerful of
them all.

Hang on, keep looking for it is there. Just try not
to loose all you hope and become nothing. For
you are truly beautiful.

What Type Of Angel Have You Become?
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You are a moon shadow. With the moon as your source
you are a being of great mystery. Constantly
drifting, you descend into darkness to conceal
your brokenness. You have come to believe that
you are the only one you can rely upon for
constancy and safety that you need. But those
who know how to see you find enchanting beauty
in your wistfulness and fragility. It is to
them that you should flee, for their arms are
an open haven where your true light can finally
thrive..(please rate my quiz cuz it took me for
freaking ever to create)

What Kind of Shadow Are You? (with gorgeous pics)
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Sunday, March 07, 2004

Earth Goddess
You are the Goddess of Earth. You are very stable
and dependable since the Goddesses rest apon
you. You are very materialistic. Somtime cold
and distant, but that might be because you need
to get what needs to be done, done. But yet you
are everyone elses strength. You are the most
Stable of the Goddesses, since without you the
other Goddesses would not exist.
Other Earth Goddesses: Ceres, Cerridwyn, Demeter,
Gaia, Persephone, Epona, Kore, Mah, Prithivi,
Rhea, Rhiannon

Which of the Four Elemental Goddesses are you?(With Pics)
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Your a magical unicorn! As all unicorns go, magic
unicorns are amazing with enchantments and can
perform spells and all kind of crafts. Magic
Unicorns have horns that if drank from can cure
blindness, and give immortality. All magical
unicorns are very kind and heart-warming, but
can get tempermental if a spell goes wrong.
Magical Unicorns live in forests where they can
practise all there magic in secret. But, if a
human befreinds a magical unicorn, they have a
friend for life.

What kind of Unicorn are you? (With beautiful pictures)
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src="http://images.quizilla.com/C/crimsoncrushedrose/1077606627_CMyDocumentsdarkness.gif" border="0" alt="You belong in the world of darkness and are a part of the despair.">
You belong in the land of darkness, otherwise known
as one of the worlds in which I dwell. All here
is beauty inspired by tragedy and great sorrow.
Write or go through other creative outlets to
express the anguish you may be feeling, and
never let anyone tell you that you are just
being 'weepy' or full of 'teenage angst'(if
you're a teenager.If not, then they really
should be punished for calling you one. They
probably are trying to insult your
maturity...fools.)and always remain yourself,
dark and amazing. Never change.

Where do you belong?(ANIME IMAGES)
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Grey Vibes
Your Energy is Grey. Your thoughts are unclear,
muddled, and confusing. Dark thoughts or
depression may be clouding your true colors.
It may be that you have been hurt and rejected,
or maybe you are just manipulative, dark, and

What color is your energy?
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my babble 3/4/04
hello. i am sooooooooooooo sorry i have not written anything in a while... or maybe i'm not. but you see i was in the hospitle and all and then i had all of this make up work to do and i tried to write soething but somehow it got lost... somewhere... and i have just not had the time! well, i'm here now. no need to worry. you know, i has been a really long time sense i went out somewhere with my friend Jennie. (hi jennie!) that saddens me. we used to go out almost every fri, but not anymore. i'm not sure if it's because shes been trying to go out with a certain someone that i will not mention for both their sakes, or she is just busy or tired or what. *sniff* you know it's the new tri and i'm still doing that make up work i mentioned earlier? then what the hell am i doing writing on this god forsaken blog right now? you may ask. well my dear friends... my brain is totally fried. so this is the best i can do with it right now. i plan to do that make up work eventually... just not ritght at this moment. i miss my turtle. i have absolutly what the hell that ment. i've never has a turtle. but i have had soup. will somebody please take this pollow off my face?! i can't freaking breath! and besides that, it hasn't been washed in All. and it has lost that clean frest sent. i am sooooooooooooooooooooo board. he he. tango. OhOhOhhhhh! guess what? remember that Lu-Lu my husband guy that lives in hell that i talk about sometimes??? well... i really have nothing to say about him right now. he he. fooled you to thinking that all of that was going to lead to some dramatic climax didn't i? but i have had a dram about him where i don't randomly wake up at the good part. ^_~ he he. huuuuummmmmmmm. words of advice: never put yourself in a position that gives other people the right to shove tubes up your nose. it is not pleasent and if you are concious at this point and are just as well controlling your brain... RUN LIKE FREAKIN HELL!!!!!! use the novican against those doctors!!! THEY'RE GOING TO SHOVE A TUBE UP YOUR NOSE FOR HELLS SAKE!!!! THAT DOESN'T BELONG IN THERE!!!! THEN THEY'LL STRAP YOU TO THE BED AND YOU CAN'T SCRATH YOUR NOSE WHEN YOU REALLY NEED TO! AND THEN THEY'LL PUT YOU IN THE PSYCH WARD WITH A BUNCH OF OLD GUYS WHO ARE JUST AS CRAZY AS YOU... OR JUST REALLY WEIRD. AND... AND... THAY FORCE YOU TO MAKE YOUR BED!!!!!!! AND GO TO MUSIC AND ART THERAPY! AND WATCH EDUCATIONAL VIDIOS ON HOW TO DEAL WITH YOUR DISORDER(S)!!!!!! AND THEY NEVER LEAVE YOU ONE MOMENTS PEEEEACE!!!! *tramatized*(even more so than i was before) that damn psych ward will make the depressed go bipolar or the maniacs go schitzophrenic. *and they made the voices stop* so i made them give them back. but the pretty pictures will never return unless i am off all my meds. *sniff. sniff. cry* i think i'll go tho the zoo. bye.

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