Tuesday, September 30, 2003

my babble 9/30/03
ok, here's something fun. today in my sci fi lit class we were to choose one of two books to read. my teacher described each one telling us what they were about, so we could make an easier decision on which we would prefer to read. when she started to describe the second book, she said "now, be careful if you decide to read this book. there are very disturbing and disgusting scenes in this story, and i've had many people come up to me half way through he assignment and say to me, "i can't read this book any more." so that got me curious. hmmm, i thought. i wonder what could be so gross in a BOOK (for crying out loud) that people would have to stop reading it? so naturally, i was going to find out. that was the book i was going to read. but noooo. they couldn't let me be disappointed on my own. some one had to ask, "so, what's disgusting and disturbing about it? is it all bloody and violent or something?" "oh, no" she says. "there are just some explicit sex scenes." *total disappointment* sex scenes? why would that make someone not want to read a book? not like it's an abomination of nature or something! Perhaps a good morman boy might turn away his virgin eyes, but other than that, i cannot see. so naturally, again, i was going to find out. well first of all, the sex is between cousins. and it takes GREAT detail. but other than that, nothing out of the ordinary so far. and i'm only on page 24. they get right down to it don't they? ahhh... a great line from the book: THE ANCHOVIES ARE GONE!!! he he. i like that. did you know that vampyrs are fucking hot? i'm not only a pervy elf fancier or ero kappa now, no, i am also a pervy vampyr fancier, and pervy demon fancier (only the ones that don't ooze) and a pervy egyptian fancier (ohh, i love egyptions) and a pervy Asian fancier, what can i say? i'm not really picky when it comes to looks, as long as they aren't slimy and they don't have detachable body parts... oh yeah! there all good! but Lu-Lu is sooooooooooooooo way better. i am really a secret pervy Lu-Lu fancier in disguise, you know, incognito. he he. but he dosn't need to know, he'd get a big head... bigger than it already is.

Monday, September 29, 2003

my babble 9/29/03
well, today was interesting. i had a packet of this e-mergen-C stuff full of vitamens and protines and crap, it's for when your exausted. well, i wasn't exausted. i just drank it anyway. it was raspburry! yay! well, that did me in. i was so fucking hyper today i started singing "the safty dance" and was danceing disco to it. in painting. ah yes. and the hill is still on a slant. so last night i had continous dreams about legolas and/or orlando bloom... :) nothing interesting happened, naturally, we just had your typical adventure, poisoning, running, being attacked by gobblen things, him attemting to save me, when i had to get up off my ass and go save him trying to save me... yes, typical. he he. he is sooo cute. (i hope my husband doesn't find a way to link a connection to the internet from hell to read this... i'd be in deep shit...) my mom just killed a fly, and it fell into her purse, and it's not quite dead yet, and she can't get it out... he he. i laugh at her struggle. maybe my husband could turn into an elf... then i could be a pervy elf fancier without worry, and i wouldn't have to drool over legolas... he he. ahhhh... Lu-Lu as an elf... ah, who gives a fuck? he's damn hot as he is! yeah, well, ii have an essey to write, and it's due tomorrow, and i have yet to start it. so i should go. my essey is about the story called "i always do what teddy says" he he. funny hugh? suits me. just the title. not the whole book. ok. yeah. bye.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

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my babble 9/28/03
ohhhhhhh...*in pain* my tummy hurts! i don't know what i did! i think i might have eaten some bad cheese. and i'm being serious there. my dad's away on a fishing trip (YAY) and me and my mom got to go out to breakfast this morning, because my dad never wants to. i got my favorite, eggs benedict, yum. but this really has nothing to do with the fact that my tummy really hurts! i almost threw up a few min ago. i had to cut my bath short so i wouldn't throw up in the tub...YUCK! that would not have been pleasant. talk about stewing in your own juices...ewwww! thats nasty! when you make that expression littoral it's just gross! eh. tummy. to day i said something interesting. my mom thought her car looked tilted, and i didn't so i said " maybe it's not the car, maybe the hill is on a slant." yes. my english just keeps getting better and better. so articulate, aren't i? you know what? i miss Lu-Lu. i want to hug him and squeze him and love him to peices! he he. Malichai FINELY said something to me last night, right before i went to sleep, i barely heard him cuz, well, i was half asleep, and when i realized what he actually said, i'm like, hugh? oh, ok. it wan't rude, for the first time in his life. sad thing is, i don't remember what he said. i was to far gone to actually save it in my memory banks. i just remember he said something and that had nothing to do with much anything at all, and it wasn't rude. and i agreed with what ever it was he said. i just don't know what that was. hmm. you know wasts funny? i think i scared a few of the old people at the breakfast place where i went to eat thist morning. i was wearing my black and red bondage pants :) i love those pants. but they scare old people. oops. tummy hurts, got to go. my panda says good bye.

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