Tuesday, November 25, 2003

kenshin angst
You have KENSHIN angst. You enjoy domesticity and
the peaceful life, and all you really have to
worry about is when to fetch the next
consignment of tofu. Make sure you remember
your loved ones though, to keep that pesky
battousi angst at bay.

What kind of anime angst have you got?
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how absolutly sad that i have kenshin angst! he is fighting all the time for the people he loves, fighting and fighting, and all he wants to do is live in peace with a family that cares for him!!! that is sad!

he he. this is a man trying to spice up a sex life that does not need spicing up:

' man walks into bedroom in a bunny suit. his wife is staring at him, she is afraid.'

wife: what... is that?

Husband: *seductively* why, it's... a bunny suit. rrrrrrrrr.

wife: why......?????

husband: does it.... turn you on?

wife: no. your taking it off right now and sleeping naked.

husband: *again seductive* ohhhh, it turns you on that much.

wife: like i said, no. hence the the word, ~sleeping~.

husband: *disappointed* oh. *with a hint of hope* i have a kitten suit...

wife: *frighened* NO!

husband: then... what ~do~ you like?

wife: the birthday suit.

Now, that wasn't so hard was it? if guys would just learn to ask what we want they wouldn't have half as much trouble. and it would make it a lot less disturbing for us too. but then again, it is fun after all, to watch them squirm... ^_-

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