Tuesday, December 09, 2003

more babble for the same day

i'm sad. i haven't heard from my friend in a long time and i miss talking to him. he was fun and nice and he seems to have just disappeared. he was usually on line late at night but now when i get on late, he's never there and he hasn't returned 2 of my e-mails, and in one of them i gave him my phone # in case i was just missing him, but it's been quite a while and he hasn't called either. hmmmm. i don't know. but i sent him another one asking if everything was ok, and to e-mail me back if he got it. i hope i hear from him soon. it's not fun to make a new friend and talk to them a few times then get cut off and never talk to them again. that sucks. i wonder whats up. oh well. i guess i'll find out eventually. or not. i hope so. i don't like worrying about people when i have no way to get a hold of them except what i'm trying and if they're hurt they can't very well answer an e-mail. pooh. :( sadness. well, good bye for tonight
my babble 12/9/03

can you tell i've been having fun with my colors? well anyway, i am very happy, and not only because i got those cookies. i love cookies. i'm happy cuz Lu-Lu finely talked to me after over 9 weeks or more, i think i lost track after 8. anyway i have been hearing from him a lot lately now and i am soooooooooooooooooooo happy!!!! he even came to visit me in my room and we had somewhat of a slight conversation manily consisting of my vocal chords moving. but he petted my head till i fell asleep cuz i asked him to cuz i like that and it helps me fall asleep and not many people do that any more much and i don't know why but i really like it expecally when he does it cuz i luv my Lu-Lu. can you say run on sentance? i can. well today one of my special phrases was "hey, this kleenex smells like it's scented!" ah yes. i love my speical comments. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! cookies.

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