Wednesday, October 08, 2003

my babble 10/8/03
yeah. i feel wonderful. i am so sick. well, not 'so' sick, but i sure feel like crap. and to top it off, my little monthly friend decided to pay me a visit as well. woohoo. oh well. thats what overdosing on robutussen is for. yes, i know i spelled that wrong. it makes it even funner because of the fact that i'm not supposed to mix cold medication with my anti-depressants. not that it hurts me in any way, it's more like "you seriously shouldn't be opperating heavy machinery" so, fill up for freakin' thimble! i'd explain that, but it would take to long, so i'll leave you guessing. ah yes. in my delusional state today (when am i not delusional?) i came up with a wonderful poem about my backpack: backpack strap i call upon thee, to find my shoulder and rest upon me. i was having issues locating the strap, and that just came out of my mouth. *sneeze* wonderful i feel not. *sniffle* well, i suppose i shall be going, i'm sorry, please don't be pizzled.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

my babble 10/7/03
yay for me. my mom likes to blame me for everything. she has decided that the reason that our internet is slow today is my fault... ok. i have no idea where she pulled that out of. yes i have magical powers... magical powers to make the intersnet slower and slower and slower... the fish in my mind are swiming incessantly. i learned an interesting fact today, very interesting indeed. satan and Lucifer are not the same person, although thought to be one and the same. Satan is actualy the seconed in command of hell next to Lucifer who is the supream ruler. cool hugh? so Satan and Lucifer are actually two different people. cooool. i thought that was quite interesting. at the particular moment in time, i'm attemting to summon a bed-side demon, but so far it's not working so well. as soon as i find a good demon who is willing to be summoned, i've been looking up good cannadants, and when i find one he will be MINE!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAAAACKCKCKKKCCCCHCHCHCHHHcchhhk!!! ach! sorry, i'm sick. i have a cold. my throat is sore and my nose is running, and i sneeze alot and i feel misserable. *sniffle* i still have'nt talked to my new friend yet, that makes me sad. and my hubby Lu-Lu hasn't given me a deam in quite some time. *weakly and with a stuffle* grrrr.... i think i need some more of those tastless spiking pills. they would douse me good. i need medician, and more than is in my useual diet. you know, a little while ago my fav teddy bear went missing. strangly, he had been in the same place sense i last cleand my room. when i went to get him, he was gone. i searched my entire room, i mean everywhere, and nothing. that bear never leaves my room. i have no siblings who would take it. and it's sad cuz i've had that bear sense i was born and my dead grandma gave it to me. now it's gone. i'm convinced either Lu-Lu or that demon who beats me up at night has stolen it. oh... hadn't i meantioned the demon that beats me up at night? well, for the past few weeks i have been waking up with new bruses all over the place, and i could not remember for the life of me where i was getting them from. finely, i got a real big one, where i was sure i hadn't hit myself and got suspicious. so the next morn when i wooke up, i examined myseelf, and found new bruises that were not there the day before! so i have come to the conclusion that there is a demon of some sort beating me up when i sleep. so i thought, i could bless my room with pureified water and a protection spell, but thats annoying because to much harmony bugs me. so i decided to just wait untill he starts totally thrashing me to go to those extreams. then i thought fo getting myself a bed-side demon. he could come and watch me while i sleep and protect me from whatever is beating me up. not like he would really want to, but he has no choice if i call him. thats why i'm lookin up the best canadates, some are more suited for the job than others, like for instance: some might actually rape me instead, or taamper with my emotions to a dangous level, or hurt me as well, or damn me, or do or have other personality traits that would not really suit this purpose. but i have found some good ones, some that like to do humans favors, some that really don't have any violent traits toward humans, you know, stuff like that. you don't want to be summoning Beelzlebub, the most evil of all demons to your room. he he *nervous laugh* he's got a horrid temper. he'd probably damn you to hell for all eternity for summoning him without good reason and not in the propper manner, and then asking his assistance. he he. yeah, that would be seriously stupid. i'm sure you've heard enough about my demon issues, so goodnight my fare.... readers, i bid thee well, and for now i say, goodbye, i'll see thee upon my return.

Sunday, October 05, 2003

my babble 10/5/03
i know i know... it's been 5 days sense i last wrote something. it's just that i've been so busy. i had all this crappy h/w wensday and thursday and on friday it was my sisters b-day, which might i add was quite fun. i went and stayed over at her appartment for the night and got completely drunk. and in the morning, nothing but a slight headache and feelin a little dizzy and queezy, but never have i thrown up. didn't matter, i went back to sleep and when i woke up the headache was gone, i felt funny for a couple hours, but i felt good pretty quick. it was interesting though, when i was sitting there, all by myself for the first portian of the "party" i was talking to Malichai, hehe. the girl with the brown hair the origin of which i do not know,was looking at me funny. then she called me "deary" when i exited the bathroom. ooooooook. then she stole my sisters cigeretts so her and her little possey got thrown out on their asses. i miss my new friend. i haven't talked to him in a while. i miss you new friend. i miss my Lu-Lu too. *sniff*ahhh yes. my friend and i have come up with a new short one time only comic strip called "Satan's oh shit moment" as soon as i can figure out how to get it up here, i'll let all of you see the moment that he yell "OH SHIT!" i'll talk to you all later whwn i'm in a better mood. so i'll be seeing ya now. bye.

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