Saturday, November 22, 2003

this is NOT babble (so there)

this is a skit i have written about Fuma and Kamui. characters from the manga X 1999.

"Fuma and Kamui: curtain shopping"

scene: Fuma and Kamui are walking through a home and garden store in the curtain section, Fuma is looking intently at all of the possible styles for his new "pad". he feels that now he is evil he must change his apartment to suit his new way of life, and sexy new hair and eyes. Kamui is dragging behind looking ukeish and like a little lost puppy who just wants to be petted. Kamui knows nothing about curtain shopping.

K: Fuma! how about these? *standing 5 curtain selections behind holding out pink, blue yellow and green plaid curtains*

F: O_o' *goes back to curtain shopping*

K: Fuma? Fuma? i thought they were nice. how about these? no? these?

*Fuma looks intensely at a rather nice sample of crimson crushed velvet curtains. he picks them up with one hand and tests the texture with care*

K: Fuma? Fuma? Hey! MOLEST ME!!!

F: Really? well... as soon as i get my curtains i'll do just that. ;)
*continues feeling up the curtain*

K: Fuma? i'm soft too! and i can wear red! have you seen my hair? it flows just like a soft red curtain... REALLY! MOLEST ME!!!

F: later.

K: *getting jelous of the curtain, pulls out a lighter* it's ok Fuma.
^_^ later. later is fine. ^_^ *lights lighter and proceeds to egnight random curtains*

As the store goes up in a fiery blaze Fuma stands glaring at Kamui, who in turn in the midst of the mayhem of the settling inferno, stands stairing innocently back at him , with two crimson velvet curtains wrapped seductively around his body.

K: i saved these for you Fuma ^_^

F: -_- ''' Kamui....

K: now you can molest me too!! ^_^

F: hmmmmm... well, i do have my curtains.

K: and look! they're great for concealing any actions that may be considered inappropriate in public! ^_-

my babble 11/22/03
well, it has been interesting hasn't it? you all think your so great. don't you? well guess WHAT????? purple is the only color in the rainbow. ha. i know how it has been. i have been around. i see through all of your little sharrades. and the elephant above me cannot fall for it is made of styraphome rocks. so is this not the most wonderful day of the year? no? well, your right... ha ha ha!!! almost had you fooled didn't i? had you going there for a minuet. cornbread and cheese? i say "yes please!" and the ostrich and the emu steal my chair. wow. fa-la-la-la-la la la la la. fish. for all the times youv'e done me wrong... I GIVE YOU FISH!!!! cuz thats what you deserve. and cheese is what i deserve. oh no. your gonna hate me now. cuz you know what? i want a cookie. again. he he he :) ohhh... cookie cookie cookie. and coffee. coffee coffee coffee. maybe those cookies will fall down that monochromatic purple rainbow. i hope the elephant doesn't get to them first. after all he is higher up than i am. can styraphome rocks eat cookies? i hope not. cuz if they can then the cookies are doomed to a slow death by elephant. did you know it takes 3 1/2 people to operate me correctly? i seem to be lacking O_o;;; though i do have these twelve up here attempting to operate me... or they are planning my undoing... whichever. dosen't really matter. hey... i think they have cookies :( no fair. hey! i have candy!!!

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