Saturday, October 18, 2003

Gang rape
Gang/Orgy Rape! Life and soul of every party, until
your party turns into a rape orgy...

And why and how would you be raped in an ANIME? (with pics)
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ha ha!, i lied, i had to take this quiz. this is funny and wrong all at the same time....
you love cheetos. and you have a secret fear of imaginary creatures stealing them away. see what it's doing to your hair? oh no! i see the creature too!
"Escaping cheetos! After that lawn

you love cheetos. and you have a secret fear of
imaginary creatures stealing them away. see
what it's doing to your hair? oh no! i see the
creature too!

What idiotic phrase should you say?
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cheak this nifty shit out. i made this quiz all for you.

my babble 10/18/03
hey guys. well, yesterday my gramma died, yeah. now i have no greandpearents left to spoil me. i guess she was kinda old and that infection wasn't going anywhere so i guess she had to. i don't particularly like my dad but i can't help but feel sorry for him right now. he was so broken up that when i was talking to him over the phone i could hear his voice cracking and he was trying so hard not to cry. i had a feeling that she wasn't going to make it, so earlier that day i lit a prayer candle and "whispered" to her. in her near death condition, i figured even if she wasn't close to sleep, or asleep, that when your dieing you are more in tune to things, so i'm sure she heard what i told her. whether she knew it was really me at the time or she thought she was going crazy, i don't know, but i'm sure she knows now. i simply told her that i loved her and that i'd miss her, and that i wouldn't pray for her to live. that was not my place this time. and it was not my choice. she was a wonderful person and if she was needed to die then that is what was going to happen, and i think she would prefer if i didn't pray to different gods for her, rather than her own, like i would prefer no one pray for me. i don't feel like i need prayer, and i don't think that she did either. i still haven't had any dreams from Lu-Lu in a while. that makes me kinda sad. sometimes i wonder if he forgets about me. that would make sense why he doesn't send me dreams in so long sometimes. maybe he just gets to busy. oh well. i guess i'll hear from him sooner or later. whenever he decideds he wants to see me again. after everything else thats more important is taken care of, and he remembers i exist, and he realizes "oh, yeah. i remember that girl. boy i sure do miss her. maybe i should send her a dream... no, not tonight, i'm to tired. maybe next week." yep. thats it alright. i should learn how to dream hop and jump into one of his dreams and hit him over the head for not jumping into one of my dreams first and making me jump to his because he was to absenst minded to jump to mine. dork. and then.... ah yes.... and then by george i shall.... TWEAK HIS NOSE!!!!! ha! that'll teach 'um. well, sorry there are no new quizzez up yet, i don't have time tonight to get any to post, but as soon as i come back from utah and my grammas funeral i will spend some time and post a bunch more. but i'll get you one more tonight.

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