Thursday, January 15, 2004

You're as dark as can get. You like to laugh at
people, make fun of them, hurt their feelings.
You're in so deep, you'll never get out, and
you probably don't want to get out too. You
make the world a darker place. Better get my

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My babble 1/15/04
wow. it has been a while hsan't it? well anyway, good news!!! i
have a friend. his name is toby. he lives in my head too. i just met him last night. he reminds me of Mr. Spock. he he. ahhh! never let the soup fall from the emprie state building before you have taken the picture of your feet! and perhaps the knees of my enimies
will rot, and from them sprout buds of purity and inocence... but Mc. donnalds will never fail to cheese me off. and of course our
friend the spoon, ah, the spoon. how we have slightly ever taken notice to your wonderous achevments and your sure way of being. my ankles will follow my feet when i walk, and i'd tell you to spend a day in my shoes, but they are currently in use by me. and none the less, they already have feet in them. i know one day i will find peace amongst the stars and the gym socks of tomowow, but alas... my perfume will not. shall i forever be tormented by neverending elephants??? they follow me from the gas station to my grandmas house we go... lalalalalalalala la ala alal la la la lalalalal.....

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